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TosiDrop is an all-encompassing token distribution platform on the Cardano and Ergo blockchains — the two most decentralized blockchains in existence.

With TosiDrop, any project can seamlessly distribute tokens to its community members by 1) Directly airdropping tokens to a collected list of addresses or 2) By allowing their community to claim tokens via vending machine mechanism.

So far, TosiDrop has been used by projects in the ecosystem such as AADA Finance, anetaBTC, Ardana, Smart Contract Audit Token, Minswap, and more.

TosiDrop has two (2) tokens, cTOSI and eTOSI, which are tokens that allow the community to enjoy any potential success of the project. This is done by using the revenue generated by TosiDrop to facilitate buybacks with the intention to reward holders of the cTOSI and eTOSI tokens. Official information on how these buybacks are facilitated will be released soon.

POLICY ID for tokens:

cTOSI: a8a1dccea2e378081f2d500d98d022dd3c0bd77afd9dbc7b55a9d21b [Cardano]

eTOSI: 94180232cc0d91447178a0a995e2c14c57fbf03b06d5d87d5f79226094f52ffc [Ergo]